Strategic Partners

We have aligned ourselves with other providers of services we feel would contribute to the success of our clients.  We encourage you to contact them and see how they can help.

Strategic Resource Management
Benjamin Mrva, Executive Vice President

SRM employs a proven spectrum of sourcing, procurement and revenue-enhancement services designed to help reduce operating expenses and optimize efficiency. We specialize in identifying previously undiscovered opportunities for growth or savings, aligning expenses with industry benchmarks, and fostering supplier partnerships with a focus on quality and long-term stability.

For over twenty years Emery Financial Group has consulted with credit unions, focusing on qualified and non-qualified retention and retirement plans.  We excel at education-based due diligence for Boards in order to design and implement the correct plan for our clients.  We utilize the finest administration organizations in order to assure compliance and accounting standards are exceeded.  The results of our process are reflected in superior client satisfaction. 

Emery Financial Group
David Emery, Consultant

Established in 1979, Nearman, Maynard, Vallez, CPAs provides auditing and consulting services exclusively to credit unions throughout the United States.  Their firm partners with more than 160 credit unions across the country with asset sizes from $6 million to over $5 billion.  Nearman, Maynard, Vallez is ranked by the research firm of Callahan & Associates as a leading CPA firm providing audit services to the credit union industry.

Hauser Jones and Sas, LLC

Roger Jones, CPA, Partner


The Rochdale Paragon Group provides vendor management, enterprise risk management and annual audting services for financial institutions, Their comprehensive solution saves time, money and examiner concerns.  Rochdale Paragon also sponsors the Volunteer Leadership Institute - Hawaii - the nation's leading training opportunity for credit union board and supervisory commitee members.

Rochdale Paragon Group
Tony Ferris, CEO

For the past twenty-five years, the partners at Jones & Sas have steadily developed an impressive niche expertise for serving credit unions and banks throughout the Pacific NW. We’ve done this by working at the highest executive levels within banking and by serving as independent auditors and advisors. Our professional staff includes talented men and women who are dedicated to the banking industry; resulting in one of the leading CPA firms working with credit unions, community banks and other lenders.

Nearman Maynard Vallez
Jennifer Hoskins, CPA, Partner


The Credit Union Division of Shutts and Bowen provides legal advice and representation to boards and management of federally insured credit unions throughout the United States.  The Group's practice areas include matters of governance, regulatory compliance, policy review and development and the negotiation or drafting of vendor contracts. 

Shutts and Bowen, LLP

Michael Lozoff, Chair Credit Union Practice Group

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